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Contracts, Formation and Business Representation

Our firm can provide you with service in several aspects of your business, including forming a company, mergers and acquisitions, maintain your corporate formalities, assisting in safeguarding your entity liability protections, contract drafting, and property issues such as lease negotiations and disputes. 


Contract and Business Disputes, General Civil

Our firm typically handles civil cases that often involve conflicts between two or more individuals and sometimes between people and established institutions or businesses, that are not necessarily criminal in nature.

We can provide you with general legal representation covering a wide variety of civil litigation matters including: 

  • Breach of Contract Claims

  • Contract Disputes

  • Tort Claims

  • Equitable Claims

  • Demand Letters


Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

Family law encompasses many areas related to the breakdown of a marriage, domestic relationships, parenting, child custody and financial issues related to the relationship of the parties. Family law cases are often complex and emotionally sensitive. Our attorneys advocate for our clients in the following areas in a compassionate, yet zealous way:

  • Dissolution of marriage

  • Time-sharing Plans

  • Alimony and child support

  • Child Custody Issues 

  • Equitable distributions property settlement agreements.

Estate Planning

Last Wills & Testaments, Advanced Directives, Power of Attorney, Trusts and Trust Administration  

An estate plan is not merely reserved for those with large houses and bank accounts. On the contrary, because a person’s estate will include everything you own at death, every person needs to have a plan. An estate includes your home, all your personal property, bank accounts, pensions and retirement accounts, investments and businesses.  Estate planning is also important for all ages because it affects your financial, personal, and healthcare wishes.

An estate plan will help plan for incapacity, provide for your immediate family, ease stress on your family by providing guidance on your wishes. The plan directs where your estate (what you own) will go after death and how your assets will be managed in the event you are unable to do so yourself. Where there is no will or plan in place, the State will designate someone to administer your estate and who inherits your assets. Most people do not wish for this to happen.


Family, Civil, and Appellate Mediations

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), a method parties to a dispute and the court system use to resolve disputes between two or more parties with permanent effects. Our mediators help the disputants inegotiating a settlement and having a say in the outcome of their problems. Mediation is often the most cost-effective way to resolve a matter with very little court intervention.


Contact us today to schedule your mediation session. 


Administration, Creditor Claims, Estate Taxes

The probate process is the court's method of transferring the decedent's assets from their names to the named beneficiaries in the Last Will and Testament. With a Will in place, the probate process is often a much smoother process than where no will has been executed. When a decedent has failed to make a Will, the State will decide.


Our office understands the compassionate nature of this practice and specializes in every aspect of the probate process and in dealing with the families and personalities involved in each case. 

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